March 4, 2008

Wishin' and Hopin' and Thinkin' and Prayin' for Spring

Sunday was a brief respite from the doldrums that have set in around me. I have been without fresh air & sun light far too long. Since Bitsy's arrival I have spent little time in the great out doors. It was too hot to have an infant outdoors very long last summer, and it's a tad hard to keep up with the three mobile kids when you have a new born in least without a fence or tethers. Prior to her birth I was in too much discomfort to get much enjoyment from being out of my recliner. So here I am, eight months later, desperate for Spring to arrive.

I did not realize the depth of my desperation until I was teased by mid 70 degree temperatures and vast amounts of sunshine. The time spent zipping around on Husband's ATV, swinging with Bitsy in the yard, watching the kids fling sand from their long neglected sand box, opening the windows to allow new air to replace what we've been re-breathing for the past 5 months, visiting with my sprouting spring bulbs (hello my darling tulips, how was your winter?) and having the sun warm my face has ruined all hopes of enjoying the last days of our weather imposed isolation for me.

Today I've spent most of my day huddled under my down comforter on the couch reading The Shack. While enjoying the book thus far, I have not enjoyed the blahness that is threatening to overwhelm me. The massive amount of rain we've been doused with in the past 2 days isn't helping. And with it currently making the shift from rain to snow, I'm sliding down a slippery slope. I may sequester myself in my room with my Mindy Smith CD, a stack of books, a cup of coffee, and the kids' box of Trefoils. If only they could be left to their own devices....but alas, I am not willing to clean up after the Lord of the Flies Daycare.

Instead I will help BabyGirl with her homework, attempt to clean up the mess that has grown in my day of sloth, and comfort Bitsy who may be cutting a new tooth while I leave you, my dear friends, with pictures of Spring courtesy of


conleyclan said...

i am so ready for spring too, it seems to be hiding away from us!

Mrs.X said...

You need stat! I'll probably have to get a pacemaker since my heart stops with the overwhelming cuteness all of the time. It's painful.

Hope you feel better. Remember, April (er, March) showers bring May flowers.