March 16, 2008

Kisses, Dead Fish, and Sounds of Silence

Yahoo! We have kisses! Bitsy has started giving kisses of her own accord. Why is it babies first start giving kisses only if they have a runny nose? It's kind of gross. You have to be very careful when she wants a kiss. Check first, kiss second. Trust me.

Oh, and the Fish That Will Never Die, died. Go figure. He had a pretty good run. He was older than B.B. Not bad for a gold fish. Besides, he was lonely. His last friend committed suicide a few months ago. But considering Goldfish have a 3 second memory, I highly doubt he noticed.

After a brief respite this morning, I am once again feeling rather ill. My voice is nearly gone. I hate that!! Do you know how hard it is to get the attention of 3 screaming kids when you can't make a sound?


Anonymous said...

Yes I know how hard it is..but then again they stop and look at me and begin busting up saying I sound or look funny..Yeah Bitsy!!! Feel Better. Hugs.

anonymous jones said...

I can tell you are really choked up about the goldfish.