February 13, 2008

Give me a wish to build a dream on.

Inkling was tagged earlier this week/late last week. I decided to play along, but got side tracked. It's an interesting format & is currently keeping me from unleashing the beast upon my children who are once again snow bound & testy.

So, here's the deal: post 5 material wishes & 5 spiritual/deeper wishes. And so with little fore thought, here we go:

Material Wishes:

1. A playroom with lots & lots of shelves. Heck, lets roll the entire house into this...what I really want is a serious Organizational overhaul for my entire house. I'm overwhelmed at the thought of this. I have junk drawers & junk cabinets & junk boxes tucked away under junk beds. Junk closets with junk shelves & things living in odd places. I suspect my house eats things...like toys, books, stationary, baby sunglasses. I need Ikea (or whoever those people are) to come in and organize my home so my inner Martha can go back to sleep & stop bugging me at 3 am.

2. A new truck for my husband. The Goatmobile is limping along pathetically. I worry that he'll be hiking down the highway at 3 am (as I lie in bed worring over the state of our closets).

3. Very sturdy bunk beds for my children. 'Nuff said.

4. A guest house. This is a big one. I know, but these are wishes. A little cabin with a kitchenette/living room, a bed room & bathroom so we can have guests. Husband doesn't deal well with overnight guests (it stems from his upbringing), but I love having company. We need a Daudi haus (an Amish mother-in-law suite).

5. A beautiful Mid-century inspired livingroom set. OK, so once my children are grown & I don't have to spend my time telling them to quit jumping on the furniture. And I need floor to ceiling book shelves to deal with my ever-expanding book collection.

Spritual/Deeper Wishes:

1. A girlfriend who lives in my area. I'm not sure you'd call this spiritual, but it is a little deeper than my desire for a new sofa. Yes, I do have friends & there are some near me, but I really don't have anyone I can call up & go hang out with on a regular basis. I think this stemms more from my tendancy to be shy than a lack of real opportunity. I need to get out of my shell...out of my comfort zone. It's also a tad hard to get away with Husband working evenings & 4 kids to keep track of. Maybe I'll just wish that Art would migrate North. That would so totally rock!!

2. Patience. Loads & Loads of patience. And hand in hand with patience, I need creativity. That's the thing that terrifies me about the prospect of home schooling. I am not terribly patient, I am not gifted in teaching, and I think I would run out of ideas in about three days.

3. Self-control. I am lazy. I am self-centered. I need a kick in the pants most days to get anything accomplished. This is not good. What I really want is a desire to be that Woman from Proverbs who's more precious than rubies. That is a real wonder woman & I want to be her...but oh, the work!!

4. A closer relationship with my husband. I adore him. We are well paired. We get along well. But there are times (many times) when I feel like we're just plugging along. We spend most of our times dealing with things & not being with each other. We need alone time that does not include a trip to the store.

5. I want my first love back. I want to get back to a place where God is my primary focus. I want the desire to spend time in the Word & in prayer. I want a meaningful relationship with the Lord. I don't want to feel like prayer and devotionals are just more chores to add to my list.

Feel free to play along. Leave me a comment & let me know if you do.


Vicki said...

I like to think we are friends....

Kork said...

How I wish that we were closer geographically...I'd come rescue you, hog-tie those kiddos, and whip you all into shape! Not to mention I'd go all anal and make you dump your junk! :)

Seriously...I wish we could get together for coffee and just talk and talk and talk like we used to do...

I'll post my wishes shortly...as soon as the Little Empress quits squawking and goes to sleep... SIGH

Mommy to 4 little people said...

Farmwife do you live in my life?!?! Seriously this post made me cry because those are exactly the answers I would have choose (minus the bunk beds we just got an awesome set from a family member)but OMG!!! We are living what must be parrallel lives. I will post my answers soon but now I have to think so I am not "copying" yours :)