February 24, 2008

For the Record

Read this well. You may never again see it's like. Husband was right. I was wrong. Cherish it. This is the last time.

We were hit with a sleet storm Thursday...you remember, the day I wrestled my screaming daughter out the door for school only to have her sent home an hour & 35 minutes later due to impending ice (that, I must add, didn't hit until 3 and a half hours later). In the end we had almost an inch of sleet. It looks like snow on the hood of Little BIL's truck, but rest assured, these are not pretty little flakes. They are shiny, frozen globes of ice. It was (as QM would say) slick as snot.

Due to the sleet, my trip to town normally occuring on Friday was postponed. It was still icy but melting yesterday. I wasn't ready to brave the roads on my own, so trip to town would have to be a famliy affair (Husband the chaffuer). BabyGirl was even on board...for about 15 minutes. We were waiting for Bitsy to wake up from her nap & in that time things fell apart. BabyGirl decided she didn't want to go to town after all & began haggling for someone to stay home with her. The mutiny quickly spread & soon the boys were chanting, "Let's stay home," along with her.

Then came the clean-your-room-drama followed closely by me bagging up everything left on her floor & stashing it in my room. Not a pleasant 30 minutes to say the least. After this melt down, I was far from in the mood to drag all 4 kids & a sniffling, sick Husband to the grocery store to listen to them fight & bicker & beg for toys & candy while I fought the Saturday afternoon crowd. Husband wanted to go. I did not. He tried more than once to convince me otherwise. I was too irritated to attempt it. The roads were thawing, so I said I'd just wait until today & go on my own. Brilliant plan, right?

Well, it was....until we woke up this morning to this:

There was no warning. We had no clue snow was coming...perhaps because we watched nothing but movies, Nickelodian, and Spike TV yesterday. Should have at least checked the local news.

The snow is still falling. I'm running low on groceries. Husband has offered to make a run to town with a grocery list & his truck. Not to sound ungrateful, but no matter how detailed the list, he never gets quite what I want.

So for the record...for the annuls of history....for posterity I will now admit that Husband was right, we should have gone to town yesterday.

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