January 28, 2008

We are experiencing Technical Difficulties

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth (which is what I'm sure you're thinking since I haven't posted in 24 hours).  I'm having Internet problems.  I can connect & send emails, but cannot recieve emails or load web pages.  Therefor blogging is taking place via email at the moment.  Hopefully we'll get this fixed soon as I'm about to lose my mind. 3 sick kids (yes, again), 1 sick mom, and no internet is not doing good things for me.
The three older kids have strep/tonsilitis, B.B. also has an ear infection, & I have a sinus infection.  Everyone is on antibiotics.  Everyone is miserable.  B.B. has not slowed down one iota.  #1 Son is trying to go to sleep at 5:30 in the afternoon.  He slept most of the afternoon yesterday & was up at 4 o'clock this morning.
During our latest bout with illness, the OT was at school to talk to BabyGirl.  BabyGirl was home sick.  Frustrating.
I'm considering holing up in my room with a giant bowl of Chex mix, a two liter of Coke, and my stack of books.  I'll hang a sign on the door saying, "Disturb on in case of fire, flooding, or copious amounts of blood."  Think it will work?  Oh, wait, they can't read...as someone I love very much would say, "I think I may say 'damn.'"

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Kork said...

Farmie! You need to sign up for Trading Spouses, or whatever that show is called...that way, someone else can come live on the farm, take care of your crazy sick kiddos, and you can live a life of luxury with some nice city family...
Seriously...lots of love and prayers...and look into that chiropractor! Otherwise, have those kids start drinking bleach to kill the germs!