December 30, 2007

One last Christmas

We had 4 Thanksgivings. That was fun. We only had one Christmas. That was fun too...but today we had Christmas #2 with QM & Daddy. I am now the proud owner of a new mattress cover (exactly what I asked for). Husband got a LED/Halogen rechargeable million candle flashlight & a new quilted flannel. The kids all got movies & a collection of Dover puzzle books. Bitsy got a Church Toy bag (it's a bag to carry her quiet toys to church in) and she had plenty of wrapping paper to chew on.

One of the movies the kids got is the Pixar Short Film collection. If you have any of the Pixar DVD's you know the short films are great, but it gets old having to change out DVDs so you can watch a 4 minute film. The put them all on one DVD & the kids were thrilled (as am I).

Then Mama & Daddy headed back to their little realm. Mama's not been home since Bucka's surgery. While she was up here, Bubba moved out. He's renting a town house with a friend who's going through a divorce. At 26 he's growing up. Mama's going home to find out what he's left behind for her to sort through. For the first time in almost 32 years, QM & Daddy will be living alone. I think they need a dog.

It's supposed to turn cold tomorrow...really cold. I'm hoping the cold snap will be enough to kill all the germs circulating before the kids have to go back to school. I'm sick of them being sick. I'd like a week when we don't have to go to the doctor!

Please keep praying for Livy, Breezy, and Aunt CB. As of now, they aren't sure what happened to their father. The car was wrecked & he was a good distance away from it. There are conflicting stories & a lot of speculation right now. There will be an autopsy within the next few days & the funeral will be later this week. The girls seemed to be holding up well at church today, but I know appearances can be deceiving.

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Anonymous said...

Sending up prayers for Breezy, Livy, and Aunt CB...Saying prayers for QM and Daddy when they go back home..Kids sound like they hit the jackpot.

Hugs to all of you