September 29, 2008

Bloggy Love: Blog to Blog Project

Anything that directs traffic to my blog is a wonderful thing in my eyes. It feeds the ego. And anything that opens me up to new blogs makes me happy as well (as though I need to read anymore blogs, but that's entirely beside the point). Terri at This is How We Roll has made my day by roping me into this project. Here's the deets:

The deal is to visit 4 of your daily blog reads. From each blog choose another blog from their blog roll that you've never visited. Try that blog out and see what happens. They may become your new fave, who knows! Then duplicate the main part of this post with a note on whose blog you got it from. Name the four new blogs you are going to read, tell briefly why you chose them and whose blog roll they came from. And if you want, coerce others mercilessly into joining in!

Going on a blog hunt. Gonna' pick a juicy one. We're not scared. What a beautiful day! OK, no more Dora while blogging. It's just not good.

I began my hunt at my darling cousin Inkling's blog. I'd link her, but her blog is now private due to drama, so you just have to trust me when I say she has impeccable taste in blogs (she reads mine doesn't she?). OTRGirl has been commenting there for years & I've popped over to check her out occasionally, but never really hung around. To be honest, every time she comments on Inkling's blog I think she's a trucker girl. I come from a family of truckers so to me OTR is Over the Road. But, alas, that's not it's meaning. That is a story better told by OTRGirl herself. She & her husband have adventures very different from mine here on the farm & that fascinates me. Her writing is interesting & easy to follow. Someone brilliant once said if something is easy to read that's because great effort was put into it's writing. I'd tell you who if I wasn't so brain dead at the moment & being screamed at for a third bowl of Cheerios or an ice cream cone at the moment. And my favorite thing? If you have any questions about her, there's a list of posts to check out in her side bar! Very cool.

From there I headed to Write On to see who Ragged Around the Edges would suggest since she's the reason I threw my hat into the blogging ring in the first place. And have you seen her "Will knit for Tattoo's" girl in the side bar? She truly awesome. In her side bar is a link to a place called Fluid Pudding. What's not to like about that title? Intriguing, really. So off I went & the rest is history. Not really, or this post wouldn't be worth dog spit. Ohmygosh, this woman makes me laugh. One post & I'm hooked. That's saying something. And apparently she has something of a I'm feeling a bit shy dropping her a line saying, "Check me out because I've decided to grace you with my presence." Oh well.

For my third choice, I headed over to Ordinary Days to see where Sarah would send me. Memarie Lane is a soldier in the Hot Mama Revolution, or was before she wound up in a delicate condition...I think her last comment was about living in XXL t-shirts & boxers. Marie has replaced pictures of Audrey Hepburn & that pallid girl from Phantom of the Opera with her own face. That makes me smile. But better than that, the girl apparently just BLOGGED HER WAY THROUGH LABOR AT HOME(?) IN A BLOW UP POOL!!! And then posted pictures of the entire thing on her site....don't worry, the pictures are family friendly.

Finally I decided to peruse Mrs.X's side bar in search of a fourth blog to round out my hunt. Her writing is brilliant, so I am assuming anyone she deems to link to will be fabulous as well. Hanging around Mrs.X's The Young & the Infertile was Lori & her Weebles Wobblog. Weebles Wobblog is rather interactive & that suits me just fine. Lori asks about us (yet again feeding the ego) and our perfect moments & plays around with childhood trivia. Not only that, but she passes out buttons. Everyone likes a little bling on their blog, don't they?

Will my new finds stick? I don't know. They may. They entertain me. Maybe I'm expanding my horizons. Hopefully I've expanded yours as well, or at the very least inspired you to do some expanding of your own.

So, come on Y'all, lets get out there & show the bloggy love! Thanks for the shove in the right direction, Terri!
While we're at it, show the love around here. In my side bar you might notice a button that reads, "Wanna' be a Farmie?" You can follow your favorite blogs from the comfort of your own dashboard. Click on "follow this blog" and every time you log in to your dashboard, it will tell you if I have a new post. You can follow any blog you like even if they don't display the button. At the moment I have 6 followers, but I'd love to grow that (again, feed the ego folks). If you you're linked in my side bar, chances are I'm following you. So, how 'bout it? Wanna' be a Farmie?


Lori Lavender Luz said...

I am so glad to get to meet you like this!

I did something similar once called Chain Link Blogging. These are great ways to get off your beaten path and discover new people/blogs.

Thanks so much for landing on mine!

Terri said...

Yay - great post, I'm going to check these blogs out because I need the new in a bad way. :o)

OTRgirl said...

Ooops... I left a comment that was linked to my business blog. Since I'm trying to stay anonymous, that had to get trashed.

I kind of like the trucker idea, though I hadn't know about it before now.

Thanks for the visit! And thanks for the great way to find new blogs. I'm going to have to try it. At least half of my online friends have now stopped blogging, so I need some new addictions.

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Blush, blush. Why thank you. Stopping by the farm is a ritual for me as well; loving keeping up with you.